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Models are product-based innovations to create a beautiful sparkle or shape that attracts customers and leads to a preference for this commodity over other similar goods. The great importance of industrial models is to attract customers and practical benefit in the field of competition between traders and producers , And thus received great attention in the industrial field, and dedicate stakeholders in the creation of attractive fees and models and the disbursement of large sums of money in order to obtain them. Therefore, Sudan was one of the first countries that took care of industrial models, and in 1974 issued a law on industrial models.
Industrial model
Means any combination of lines or colors designed to give a special appearance to any industrial, artisanal or any other plastic form, whether or not related to color, provided that such assembly or form can be used as an industrial or artisan model. Is the decorative or aesthetic appearance of a commodity. An industrial drawing or model may consist of stereotyped elements such as the shape or surface of a commodity or of two-dimensional elements such as drawings, lines or colors. Industrial drawings and models are applied to a wide range of industrial products , And handicrafts that vary from technical tools Or medical to watches and jewelry, to car structures and fabric designs.

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