The Registrar General of Intellectual Property (General Registrar) shall be appointed by the Minister of Justice and shall determine his powers in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Justice and intellectual property laws and the regional and international obligations as follows:
1. National registration of trademarks and service marks.
2. National patent registration.
3. National registration of industrial models.
4. International registration of trademarks and service marks in accordance with the Madrid System (Agreement + Protocol)
5. Regional registration of patents and industrial designs.
6. International patent registration under the PCT.
7. Internal and external representation in regional and international industrial property meetings.

8. Recording all subsequent acts of waiver, use licenses and other subsequent conduct after registration and acquisition of protection.

9. Issuing certificates of registration of trademarks, patents and industrial designs.
10. Provide advice to the Minister of Justice and State organs on any matter relating to intellectual property.
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