Department of Trademarks

Brand Definition:
Article (3) of the Trademarks Law 1969 provides for the definition of a trademark by:

"Means any indication that is relevant or related to any goods and used or proposed to be used for the purpose of distinguishing the goods of a person from the goods or services of other persons, unless their use is not permitted The trademark may be of any distinctive mark, including any word or Name, pseudonym, icon, brand, financial or financial description, banner, ticket, signature, letter, number, logo, parcel, sign, container or any of the above.

Trademark Definition:
Article (3) of the Trademark Law 1969 provides for the definition of a service mark as follows:
"Means any visible mark used or proposed to be used to distinguish a person's services from the services of others".
One of the largest departments in the administration of intellectual property and has been working to receive applications since 1931 for more than eighty years and has exceeded the number of requests to 50 thousand applications so far.

The department is responsible for registering national trademarks and national service marks, based on applications submitted in accordance with the Trademark Law of 1969 and its regulations for the year 1969.

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   It also registers international marks in accordance with the Madrid System (Agreement + Protocol).

Characteristics of the right to the mark:

1 - Relative right and not absolute.

2. The right to the mark is temporary and not permanent.

3. Right-tag has double protection

License to use the mark:

1. If the trademark is used after the consent of the registered owner by another natural or legal person, such use shall be deemed to be the use of the registered owner himself, provided that the relations or arrangements between the registered owner and the user include a guarantee of the effective owner's control of the use of the trademark And the characteristics of the goods and not to use the trademark in such a way as to mislead public opinion.

2. Agreements between the relevant persons relating to the use of the registered trademark shall be registered at the request of either party within six months from the date of the agreement and the Registrar shall issue a certificate of registration under his signature in the prescribed form after payment of the prescribed fee. From the date of the request and the registration period shall not exceed the period of registration of the mark itself, and any agreement not registered in the advanced manner shall not have any effect and shall be considered null and void.

3. (a) The Minister may, by virtue of his order, decide on the necessity of approving the agreements for the use of trademarks by the relevant persons, as well as amending and renewing such agreements, which include the payment of relative returns abroad, taking into account the needs and economic development of the country.

(B) The transfer of the relative returns abroad shall be governed by the currency regulations in force at the time of transfer.

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