Trademark registration procedures

Any natural or juridical person of Sudanese residing in or outside the Sudan, or foreign nationals of the Union (Paris Union of Industrial Property) or of a business or commercial enterprise, may apply for a trademark.

The application for registration of the trademark shall be submitted to Form No. (1) after payment of the prescribed fees and the application shall include the following
  1 Application for registration of the trademark addressed to the trademark registrar.
2. The full name and address of the applicant and if the applicant is outside the country, his application must be filed by a recognized agent in accordance with the provisions of Article (15).
3 If the application is filed by Agent whom is not a legal attorney, he must submit a legal
procurator signed by the applicant.

4. The nationality and residence of the applicant.
5 Statement of shipping or products required to register
6. If the applicant is required to attach the company's memorandum of association, registration certificate or other document requested by the registrar.

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  7. If the work is previously deposited, a signed proxy must be attached, stamped with the company's seal, and certified by the competent authorities (Notary Public).
8 models of brand embroideries.
9 Pay the prescribed fee.
Objective conditions
1. Characteristic in the mark.
2. The mark shall be new.
3. The mark is legitimate and does not violate public order.
Registration restrictions:
The Trademark Law of 1969 provided some restrictions on the registration of relevant trademarks to a large extent in order to prevent abuse.
Article (8) of the law stipulates that marks that may not be registered are as follows:
(A) Tags that make forms or models.
(B) Marks that create a symbol or indication and can be listed.
(C) Explicitly practiced in the sex country.
(D) Marks with which it deals with morality or public order, or which are specifically or publicly expressed.
(E) Marks that prohibit, impersonate, call, call, speak, organize, organize or organize such acts.
(F) A mark that simulates or mimics at the top.
(G) Famous or Islamic trademarks of religious, sectarian or tribal organizations.
(H) Trademarks that resemble or imitate the image of any religious or tribal leader or have any sectarian significance.
(2) The following marks may be registered without approval
(A) Marks that are similar to, disapproved, changed, registered, or any other person. For her.
(B) Marks that you believe or are in control of the world's provisions by lot.
(C) Marks that infringe the rights of a third person or conflict with laws

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